Role of a supporter

A supporter’s role is to help increase landlord and/or tenant participation in our scheme.  We don’t want to be prescriptive about how a supporter does this as it will depend on the individual organisation and is something we would agree with supporters on a one to one basis.

Ways in which our supporters can help include:

  • Promoting our scheme to your customers and contacts
    Including content about our scheme in your communications to customers and contacts, promoting the scheme on your website and through social media, including our supporters logo and website address on your communications
  • Co-branding our communications
    Allowing us to put your logo on our communications if we feel it will add credibility and validation when trying to reach certain audiences
  • Distributing our literature
    Making our leaflets and other relevant communications available at relevant venues and events
  • Referring landlords and/or tenants to our scheme
    Actively encouraging landlords and tenants to visit our website and engage with our scheme
  • Promoting accredited landlords and agents
    Actively promoting accredited landlords and agents over those that aren’t accredited
  • Joining our steering group
    Bringing relevant experience and expertise to our steering group to help improve and develop our accreditation scheme going forward