Maintaining landlord accreditation

Your accreditation lasts three years during which, if you hold multiple properties, the remainder of these properties will be checked to ensure all meet the required standards in order for you to retain your status.

After three years, your accreditation will be renewed as long as you conform to the Code of Practice for landlords, remain a fit and proper person and are up-to-date with relevant legislation.

Landlord responsibilities

As an accredited landlord your responsibilities are to:

  • Ensure your properties meet all relevant legislation on an ongoing basis
    This is your principle obligation as a landlord which applies whether you are a member of the PAL scheme or not.
  • Abide by the Code of Practice
    You will be required to abide by the Code of Practice and PAL Rental Property Standards across all your properties.
  • Notify us of significant changes to your circumstances or your properties
    If your personal situation changes or you make structural changes to your properties, you need to notify the PAL team.
  • Keep your online PAL details up to date
    You will need to keep your landlord profile and property details up to date via the members’ portal on our website. Failure to do so could result in your details being removed.

Go one step further

We also encourage accredited landlords to:

  • Work with accredited partners
    If using letting or managing agents, we would encourage you to work with PAL accredited partners wherever possible.
  • Work towards gold standard
    Work towards gold PAL status by improving your properties. Find out more about the different PAL statuses.


As a PAL accredited landlord, you are signed up to our Code of Practice and Property Rental Standards and are committed to operating within your legal requirements and maintaining good management standards.  If we are concerned that you are not complying with this, we will re-inspect your property and agree timescales for resolving any issues.  Failure to address any issues promptly and resolutely could result in your accreditation being revoked.

Find out more about maintaining landlord accreditation.