Gaining partner accreditation

  • Submit a simple application form
    Complete the partners’ application form with your contact information and property details, and declare your commitment to our Property Rental Standards.
  • Undergo a fit and proper person check
    Sign and return the fit and proper person declaration. The form should be signed by a Chief Executive, Principal, Partner or Director as the fit and proper test will be conducted for the signatory.  Find out what a fit and proper person is in our frequently asked questions.
    Link to partner FAQ page
  • Meet with us
    We meet with you and review your management practices, how you programme, record and follow-up inspections, complaints and repairs. We also check that you are fully aware of your legal obligations.  Where we feel necessary, we will inspect a random selection of the properties you manage.
  • Receive your accreditation
    Once we are confident in your management practices, you will be awarded with partner accreditation status. You will receive a certificate and a logo that you can display on communications such as adverts and letters, as well as your shop window, to demonstrate your commitment to providing safe and good quality accommodation.You will also receive a login to the member portal of our website through which you can promote your properties for free, and gain useful information about maintaining compliance.
  • Undergo training and begin accrediting your properties
    Once you have received your accreditation, you will need to undergo a training course to then be able to begin accrediting your properties. We request that accredited agents accredit at least 10% of their properties each year.

Find out more about PAL Gaining partner accreditation.