Accrediting properties

By accrediting your properties, you will give tenants confidence that their home meets all legal requirements and is in good repair, helping you to attract good tenants.  You will be able to offer your landlords the accreditation as a benefit of your services, making you stand out from your competition and attracting more landlords to work with you.  You will also be able to advertise accredited properties for free in the property database on our website.

Accredited agents are required to accredit at least 10% of the properties they manage each year.  The process is as follows:

  • Understand the PAL requirements
    Once you are accredited, we will share the PAL requirements with you and what we expect to see in an accredited property.
  • Complete accreditation process
    The accreditation process requires you to inspect the property, gain feedback from the tenants, collate all relevant documentation such as gas safety certificate and tenancy agreement, and fill out a PAL property inspection form.
  • Submit documentation
    Once you have completed the application process and are satisfied that the property meets all requirements, you will need to submit the documentation to the PAL team for confirmation of compliance prior to awarding the property accreditation.
  • Award accreditation
    Once the PAL team has reviewed your documentation and confirmed the application is compliant you can award the accreditation.  You can then use the accredited property logo on advertisements and other communications about that property.  PAL partners can only accredit properties that they manage.