Gaining landlord accreditation

  • Submit a simple application form
    Complete the application form with your contact information and property details, and declare your commitment to our code of practice.
  • Undergo a fit and proper person check
    Sign and return the fit and proper person declaration. Find out what a fit and proper person is in our frequently asked questions.
  • Undergo property compliance check/s
    We will inspect at least one in every five of your properties and these will be selected at random. Where a property is an HMO and has been inspected within the past 12 months by a member of WHBC Private Sector housing team, we may not need to re-inspect for PAL.  If you submit your PAL application alongside your HMO licensing application, we will also conduct a joint PAL and licensing inspection.
  • Receive your accreditation
    Once confirmed as fully compliant, you will be awarded with landlord accreditation status. You will receive a certificate and a logo that you can display on communications such as adverts and letters to demonstrate your commitment to providing safe and good quality accommodation.You will also receive a login to the members’ portal through which you can access a range of discounts, promote your properties, and gain useful information about maintaining compliance.
  • Achieve gold status
    If your property exceeds current legislation and provides added features and benefits, you will be awarded gold status, acknowledging the extra efforts you have gone to in order to provide a quality home to your tenants. Gold members receive an enhanced logo and premium listing on the website as well as additional discounts and offers including free training and discounts for HMO licences.

Find out more about PAL Gaining landlord accreditation.