Frequently asked questions for supporters

About the scheme

  • What is the PAL accreditation scheme?
    PAL is a landlord and property accreditation scheme that aims to improve the standard of privately rented accommodation in Welwyn Hatfield. The free and voluntary scheme recognises landlords that meet their legal obligations and those that go above and beyond to provide quality homes.
  • Who operates the PAL scheme?
    PAL was founded by the University of Hertfordshire and Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council (WHBC). The scheme operates from Campus East Welwyn Garden City.
  • Who can be accredited?
    Any landlord operating in Welwyn Hatfield can become an accredited landlord, providing they are abiding by all relevant legislation. Letting and management agents can apply to become accredited partners.
  • How do landlords and agents become accredited?
    To become accredited, landlords and agents need to complete our application form, pass a ‘fit and proper person’ test, undergo property inspections and commit to follow the PAL Rental Property Standards.

About supporters of the scheme

  • Who can become a supporter?
    Organisations that could have a positive impact on landlord and tenant participation in our scheme can become supporters. We are happy to work with public and private organisations, charities and social enterprises.
  • What are the benefits of being a supporter of the scheme?
    PAL offers supporters a number of benefits including: association with improving rental standards in our borough, the ability to get involved to help shape our scheme and promotion through our website. Supporters are entitled and encouraged to use the PAL supporter logo on communications to promote the scheme.
  • How do I become a supporter?
    If you think you could increase participation in our scheme and are interested in becoming a supporter, then please contact the PAL Accreditation Manager via our online form, on 01707 357366 or by email at After an initial telephone conversation to find out more about each other, we would arrange a meeting with you to discuss opportunities of working together and to assess our mutual compatibility.
  • How much does supporter membership cost?
    Membership is free to all our supporters.
  • What do I need to do as a supporter?
    A supporter’s role is to help increase landlord and/or tenant participation in our scheme. How a supporter does this is agreed on a one to one basis.  Activities might involve: referring tenants and landlords to our scheme, distributing our leaflets, co-branding our communications and joining our steering group.